CHRISTMAS Eve 5PM (Children’s Mass), Christmas Day 10AM

Welcome to St Luke Catholic Church located in Louisville Kentucky. If you would like to join us and need directions, click here for a map to our place

Join us Wednesday evening at 7PM for Adoration. Grab a rosary and spend an hour

We’ve recently added an insert in our bulletin just for the kids.  Check out our new kids page to see current and past inserts.  This is a great aid to help your young ones learn the faith… and you just might learn something yourself.  Print them out and grab a box of crayons

Parish phone numbers: 502-969-3291
502-969-1718 (FAX)
Mass times are:
Saturday 4PM
Sunday 10AM
Tuesday 8AM
Friday 8AM

Check our Calendar link for happenings on and around the St Luke community. Read our current bulletin.
For past bulletins click here

Our monthly chicken dinner have resumed. December 9, join us for our monthly chicken dinner.  Follow the calendar link above for info on most St Luke activities

There’s a great Catholic summer camp just outside of Bowling Green called Gasper River.  Further info can be found at Several of our youth have visited this camp over the past few years and the experience has been excellent

Meet our staff:

Pastor Fr Joe Rankin    BIO
Retired in residence Fr Jerry Bell BIO Contact us
Deacon Ken Mitchell
Youth ministry John Sohl Need to Return to
the Church?
Parish Council Marla Dunn Novenas
on a Regular basis
DRE Debbie Minton Photos
Pastoral Associate Joan’e D’Haene
502-962-7799 x106
Vatican on
Business Manager Roger Costello 502-962-7799 x110 Archdiocese of Louisville
Finance Council Karen Johnson St Rita
Secretary Sue Portman USCCB
Sports: Mike Portman 502-262-8344 Rentals: Bob Jaggers 502-777-7324 (after 4PM) WLCR radio
Looking for solid
Catholic videos? Check out the Fathers of Mercy YouTube channel. CLICK HERE
Gasper River Catholic Camp and Retreat Center